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  • Connectors and the development of electronic technology
    Science and technology create productive forces, the industrial revolution push the wheels of historical progress, step by step into the last human civilization, the innovation of industrial manufacturing equipment, the modernization of agricultural mechanized production equipment, life also has some commonly used electronic supplies, digital products, mobile phones, computers, television sets and so on, all have the main. The core is followed by connectors. National defense high-tech sophisticated products such as spaceships, rockets soaring in space, industry, agriculture, defense and other industries machinery and equipment together the most important "tool" is the connector.

    Card holder connector

    Fewer connectors for each electronic product will not work. As far as electronic products are concerned, the most exterior connectors are power connectors, which can be divided into simple charging line connectors such as ordinary power plugs, USB connectors that transmit signals and power together, such as computer plug-and-play USB disk, mouse, headphones, electronic information access card connectors and so on.

    From the internal structure of electronic products, the circuit board is more complex, each link is inseparable from the existence of connectors, connectors is the bridge connecting each component, one more can not do, one less can not do, need to design reasonable and appropriate.

    The wide application of connectors has led to vigorous production in all walks of life. Especially in the Guangzhou market, many large and small businesses gather together and want to divide the cake in this industry. According to incomplete statistics, more than 20% of the country's electronic products come from the coastal areas of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where is the production of electronic products holy land, electronic products, there are naturally connectors, both inseparable.

    Visible connector in the importance of life, before going out, you have to carry a full mobile phone, now use the connector connected to the movable power supply, let your mobile phone never shut down, practical and convenient people's lives, improve the quality of life and efficiency, and with the rapid development of technology, The more sophisticated, more sophisticated, more and more convenient to carry, electronic products, such as USB data lines, the price is very low, a five-meter long is less than 10 yuan, the service life is not short, bad replaced on the line, itself is consumables, such as mobile phone chargers, outside is the center of the connection Head can only be charged on the power socket, after improvement, can be directly connected to the computer or some mobile devices connected to charge, the function has been greatly improved.