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  • Electroplating technology for card connector
    Connector manufacturers focus on the production of connector customization, connector processing in many businesses are optimized by electroplating connector performance, electroplating processing has gradually become an important part of connector processing. The following is the gold Billy connector manufacturer for you to talk about connector plating process related knowledge.

    Card holder connector

    The connector pin should be sent to the electroplating section after stamping. At this stage, the electronic contact surfaces of the connectors will be plated with various metal coatings. A class of problems similar to the stamping stage, such as the distortion, fragmentation or deformation of the pin, can also occur when the stamped pin is fed into the electroplating equipment.

    Although these defects are easy to identify for other products, such as aluminum canned bottoms or other relatively flat surfaces, it is difficult for a visual inspection system to obtain the images needed to identify these fine defects due to the irregular and angular surface design of most electronic connectors.

    However, for most of the machine vision system suppliers, many quality defects in the electroplating process still belong to the "forbidden zone" of the inspection system. Electronic connector manufacturers hope that the testing system will detect inconsistent defects such as small scratches and pinholes on the connector pin plating surface.

    Because some types of pins need to be coated with multiple layers of metal, manufacturers also want the detection system to be able to distinguish between the various metal coatings in order to check that they are in place and proportionally correct. This is a very difficult task for a visual system using a black-and-white camera, because the gray levels of images with different metal coatings are virtually the same. Although color vision cameras can successfully distinguish these different metal coatings, the difficulty of illumination still exists because of the irregular angles and Reflections on the coated surfaces.